Sunday, October 3, 2010


4chan. Ah lovely 4chan. My blogs will probably be based on the imageboard 4chan, but (see the blogs name) it’s going to reflect on other chan-sites as well.
I want to assign this blog post to 4chan, because (a little bit late, sorry) it has been 4chan’s 7th birthday! 1okt 2003 – 1okt 2010.
4chan was created by a 15 year old student, Christopher Poole, aka moot, m00t and so on… The first board created on 4chan was /b/, or as many 4chan-lurking people would say: ”random”. I know that some people think that I break two of internet’s rules by posting this information, but I prefer freedom of speech!
You can see which rules I break at the bottom of this blog post.
/b/, or as I mentioned before, “random”, is a board that has no rules, except postage of pictures that globally are prohibited (like children pornography). /b/ stands for about 30% of 4chans internet traffic. You have probably seen different memes, like lolcat, pedobear, or (most likely) been rickrolled on youtube. Wondering where the idea came from? That’s right /b/.

Rules of internet:
1.   Do not talk about /b/
     2.   Do NOT talk about /b/

Well, this doesn't break the rules, according to "oldfags": "Rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids"

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