Protips are different tips & tricks that makes your stay at the computer much smoother and makes you do things much faster than usual. You will be able to operate your web browser, the chan sites and yourself a lot better.

Protips will be added gradually

1. Type "noko" in E-mail field - Gets you back to the thread you posted in

2. Alt-click on thumbnail - Download selected picture instantly

3. Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + # - Browse tabs

4. a) Sit in squatting position, lean yourself as much as you can towards your thighs
   b) Exhale all the air from your lungs and begin to breathe deeply (about 0.5-1 breath per second). Breathe in until you feel your upper body is lifted away (just a little) from your thighs.
   c) Do it for about 45 seconds
   d) Stand up
   e) Blow on your thumb as hard as you can with air from the lungs (don't apply pressure with the help of your cheeks)
   f) Profit

5. Never give up, no matter how bad the situation is. If you fail anyway, start trolling

6. Use

7. Get the 4chan firefox pluging here (Information here)

8. Do  NOT swear, it makes you sound stupid

9. Feed the fish