Thursday, October 28, 2010


A game that is pretty well known among the channers in the chan community is the game called "Minecraft".
Minecraft is a sandbox game entirely built in the program language java.

What the term "sandbox game" means is that you are free to build whatever you like, the only thing that can stop you from building anything you would like is your own imagination (and the game & resource limit of course).

The creator of Minecraft is called Notch, but in real life, his name is Markus Persson. Minecraft was taken down for some time, and here is the answer, taken from 4chan:

“Minecraft is currently experiencing a stimulation provided by us.

It’s purpose is to send Notch a clear message of how the future of minecraft will turn out unless he gets to work, namely by influencing the amount of sales taking place, due to the attacks.

Start providing your customers with the updates that you promise them.

We have roughly 83,000 bots available, and preserved for this seizure, we could if we wanted to keep this going for weeks, however we have decided to give it a week, and see whether or not your attitude, and commitment will change, we believe it will when money stops rolling in for the time being…

anyhow, no we’re not from roblox, or any other minecraft clone, not to mention none of us have been around 4chan for years, and nor has any real 4channers for that matter, its all newfags now, and has been for quite a few years.”

The fans of the game at 4chan DDoS’d his server and took down his site. The reason for this was that they simply wanted more updates, which they felt they deserved.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chanblog - Anon frozen

From sunday this week and a few days ahead, Chanblog - Anon will NOT be updated.

The reason for that is that I will not be able to get to a computer and write about chan sites, because of the trip that I will attend.

I'm sorry for the sad news, but feel free to comment while I'm gone, and you'll surely get an answer as soon as I get to a computer.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just updated the "Protips!" page and the layout of the blog (which in any case, is updated every day)