Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Hero / An Heroine

Now you're probably thinking that the title is misspelled, and in fact it is, but it's misspelled on purpose.
A 14 year old boy killed himself after his iPod had been stolen. His life was miserable, so he couldn't manage to live anymore. Some of his friends at MySpace accidentally made hundreds of misspelled comments, to honor him, and that's how "An Hero" was born.

If you want to be An Hero and want to be remembered by the chan communities as An real Hero, and not as An fake Hero or be laughed at, you have to do something radical before your suicidal.
Cho Seung-Hui was a 23 year old man, born in South Korea, lived in Virginia, that became An Hero. Cho got on the top of the “high score list” of killing people after carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre (Andrew Kehoe [Bath School disaster] not included). Cho killed 32 (including himself (he made An Hero)) and injured 25 persons.

It's caturday!
Longcat meme

Friday, October 8, 2010


"Newfags can't triforce" is a post often seen at chan sites as 4chan.
The definition of a newfag is a newcomer to the site. The newcomer is an uninformed and unexperienced Anonymous, and will over a long time convert into an oldfag. The opposite of "newfag", is "oldfag", an Anonymous that have lurked on chan sites for a long time and obtained experience from different posts and various activities, such as hacking sites, or DDoS'ing persons and web pages.
An oldfag knows how to triforce (shown below), a written meme taken from the video game "Legend of Zelda".

"Oldfag's triforce"
▲ ▲
"Newfag's triforce"
▲ ▲

Newfags can't just put two spaces before the first triangle they have pasted (/written). (It will result in a Newfag's triforce).
Newfags can't make a "copypasta" of an Oldfag's triforce. (It will result in a Newfag's triforce).
There is a way to post an Oldfag's triforce, but it will not be told here at this blog. Lurk around on different chan sites, and you will, in time, learn how to triforce.

The Game

You lost it.
The Game is a mind game where the goal is to avoid thinking about the game. It's an Anonymous responsibility to announce a loss in the game. Thinking about The Game is considered as a loss.
The goal of The Game is to get every person in the world to play the game. If that happens all players, the whole humanity, will win the game according to some people (it's impossible, and will of course not happen). The origins of The Game are unknown, but there are many theories about where it came from. The theories are so unsure, that's the reason they're not showing up on this blog. One thing to keep in mind is that The Game wasn't born on the internet, it was born IRL.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Treasure Hunt

"The Treasure Hunt" page added.

A new feature called "The Treasure Hunt" has been added to this blog.
It's a game that will occur sometimes on the site, so be sure to drop by continuously or subscribe to Chanblog - Anon, if you want to attend the event!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Meme (Pronounced "Meem") is an internet phenomenon created at (or adopted by (se video)) the imageboard /b/ at 4chan. Memes often describes funny, informing, pranking, mathematic (etc.)  occurrences on the internet.

To get a clearer view of the meme phenomenon, look at this youtube clip.
“Some memes you might recognize”, they all come from (4)chan (sites).

“But mom! Where does the meme come from?”
Memes are often born accidental. If a single person tries to force a meme into the system of memes, it’ll probably be called a “forced meme”. Its unlikely that it'll retain its title as a meme. The most popular memes are created when the result of a thread is (very) funny, and the memory of it can be compressed in a picture with just a line (some lines) of text.
The first meme created was the lolcat meme. It consisted of a funny picture of a cat, with a text added at the bottom. A famous lolcat picture is the “I Can Has Cheezburger?”.
Saturdays were declared as “caturdays”, which meant that the Anonymous should post pictures of cats (often memes). But then there came a change,  "From this day forth, every day shall be Caturday" the Anonymous declared, and so it became. Nowadays caturdays mostly occurs at Saturdays, to maintain the old traditions.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chan sites added

I have now uploaded a bunch of chan sites that me and my Anonymous brothers have worked on, a lot!
Also includes a list of their boards.

Check the new page!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chan attacks

Chan-sites are brother-sites, they are cooperating with each other.
They just have to inform each other and ask about some help, the results will end up like this:
It can either be like this:
 1.    The people, (that most of the time calls themselves “Anonymous”), will give some backup (aka “blackup” at chan-sites).
 2.    The anons will reply on the so called help-post like this “We are not your personal army”, or “Not Your Personal Army” (NYPA).

The 2nd option is the one that is the most likely to occur, the reason for that is that the Anonymous often are lazy, and don’t want to help people that needs help IRL. But of course, there are anons that has a golden heart and helps others.

If there is anything big happening (mostly in the internet world) like a raid against a single person or against a company, the chan-sites can be somewhat helpful. All chan-sites have many computer skilled people and they have plenty of skilled hackers.
Chan-sites like 4chan, 7chan, 420chan (and so on) have made some raids. The most common hacks/raids from the chan-sites are the DDoS attacks and prank calls (if that counts as a hack, but obviously a raid).
Examples of hacks/raids:
The Hal Turner attack (2006-2007) – Anons from 4chan and other chan-sites prank called and made DDoS attacks to him and his website. The result of this attack was bandwidth bills that cost him thousands of dollars, according to himself.
The Google Hot Trends attack (2008) – The swastika symbol () (often referred to the ”Nazi symbol”) climbed to the top of Google’s Hot trends list (a compilation of the most popular search terms in the U.S.). This symbol lasted on the list for a several hours, before Google removed the result.
Operation: Payback (2010) – This raid is the latest raid made by any chan-site. In retaliation against the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America hiring of Aiplex Software to launch cyberattacks against the torrent site The Pirate Bay,  anons from the chan-site 4chan initiated their own attack. This was made by DDoS’ing all three companies websites, which made the sites go offline, affecting the companies, but also other anti-piracy companies. Another consequence to this raid, was that a file containing about 300 Mb private company emails leaked out on the net and is downloadable at many torrent websites. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010


4chan. Ah lovely 4chan. My blogs will probably be based on the imageboard 4chan, but (see the blogs name) it’s going to reflect on other chan-sites as well.
I want to assign this blog post to 4chan, because (a little bit late, sorry) it has been 4chan’s 7th birthday! 1okt 2003 – 1okt 2010.
4chan was created by a 15 year old student, Christopher Poole, aka moot, m00t and so on… The first board created on 4chan was /b/, or as many 4chan-lurking people would say: ”random”. I know that some people think that I break two of internet’s rules by posting this information, but I prefer freedom of speech!
You can see which rules I break at the bottom of this blog post.
/b/, or as I mentioned before, “random”, is a board that has no rules, except postage of pictures that globally are prohibited (like children pornography). /b/ stands for about 30% of 4chans internet traffic. You have probably seen different memes, like lolcat, pedobear, or (most likely) been rickrolled on youtube. Wondering where the idea came from? That’s right /b/.

Rules of internet:
1.   Do not talk about /b/
     2.   Do NOT talk about /b/

Well, this doesn't break the rules, according to "oldfags": "Rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids"

Chanblog - Anon

This is the new blog for all the chan-sites on the net.

Chanblog-anon is going to inform people about the different forums, the forums that inspires people, the forums that gets more and more famous, the forums that'll change the world.