Friday, October 8, 2010


"Newfags can't triforce" is a post often seen at chan sites as 4chan.
The definition of a newfag is a newcomer to the site. The newcomer is an uninformed and unexperienced Anonymous, and will over a long time convert into an oldfag. The opposite of "newfag", is "oldfag", an Anonymous that have lurked on chan sites for a long time and obtained experience from different posts and various activities, such as hacking sites, or DDoS'ing persons and web pages.
An oldfag knows how to triforce (shown below), a written meme taken from the video game "Legend of Zelda".

"Oldfag's triforce"
▲ ▲
"Newfag's triforce"
▲ ▲

Newfags can't just put two spaces before the first triangle they have pasted (/written). (It will result in a Newfag's triforce).
Newfags can't make a "copypasta" of an Oldfag's triforce. (It will result in a Newfag's triforce).
There is a way to post an Oldfag's triforce, but it will not be told here at this blog. Lurk around on different chan sites, and you will, in time, learn how to triforce.

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