Monday, October 18, 2010

Ideas for Chanblog - Anon

Do YOU have any ideas for this blog? Anything you think has been forgotten and needs to be told here at the blog?

Post a comment (yes, you can be Anonymous, just check the box) and let me know, all suggestions are accepted.


Anonymous said...

Don't know, but the treasure hunt seems exciting

Anonymous said...

Agree with 1st Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the stories behind all the smileys and faces that are used @ the chan sites?

Btw, I want you naked in my room NOW!

Anon said...

1. & 2.
Thanks, the treasure hunt will soon be online, but notice that it only will be online for some hours.

I already have written about the so called memes, thanks for participating the blog!

Anonymous said...

I think fag 3 ment the specific mems. For example the lolcat, the triforce and "u mad?" and so on.

Anon said...

5. Following are done:
Lolcat - Already on blog
Triforce - Already on blog
U mad? - Next task

Feel free to use the search engine
Thanks for participating!