Sunday, November 14, 2010


An "agingfag" is a term that isn't used quite often.
The "agingfag" is a newfag on his(/her) way to transform into an oldfag.

An "agingfag" is defined as follows:

  • Tolerates furries
  • Has racist/fascist tendencies
  • Follows his(/her) instinct
  • Hides his(/her) deviant (sexual) tastes
  • Has some resistance to:
  • Has some hacking or trolling skills
  • Uses old content correctly
  • Faces problems IRL
  • Does it for the LULZ*
  • Can betray his(/her) friends
  • Faps to JB** and straight pornographic material
  • LOLS occasionally


* LULZ = LOL(S) = Laugh out loud(s)

** JB = Jailbait =  Underage pornography - Older than children in CP They have entered puberty.

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I can has Treasure nao?